About Me:


Hi, I'm KLR and ever since I was five years old I have painted, drawn and used my gifts in art for others as a survivor.


"The art of change, the act of change in the
process of change." I am the phoenix rising.


My desire is that my artwork will inspire, mirror thoughts, and embody emotions. These paintings are a conduit to my inner self and a way of reflecting and recounting where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am going. Whether I am teaching children and adults, or alone in my studio enjoying the colors I paint, art is a constant agent of transformation in my soul’s drive to health. and wellness.


For years I have witnessed the trans-formative and healing power of art making in my own life and teaching others. Creating art in the midst of pain, illness and emotional upheaval provide a distraction and smooth the soul. My life’s work is a direct reflection of the journey through pain, illness, hardship joy and peace as a chrysalis waiting to break free. Each time I sit at my studio to draw, or my easel to paint, or to form bowls from clay with intention of bringing my vision into form, I engage in the power to repair, replenish and restore one’s soul.


I’m a chrysalis whose whole design and shape is being constantly refined. Nevertheless with what I’ve been given, I can reflect light into the dark places of this world with my art and shed hope through words etched on pages.


Thank you for the privilege and honor of inspiring you.


A picture of Myself