Alcohol Inked Lotus Flower candle & Blooming Lotus Art Tote Bag

Original Artwork Blooming Lotus Tote Bags & Limited Addition Alcohol Inked Lotus candle U.V. protected and sealed. 

The 13X13 bag is %100 cotton and washable environmental wearable Art Totes. Natural Cotton (wash with cold water and turning the tote around so that the design is more protected. They can be washed perfectly in the washing machine while you do it with cold water.
This alcohol inked lotus candle is created from steel and then hand painted in alcohol inks and flicked gold paint. I spay them with two coats of varnish and two coats of U.V. protectant in order to preserve the colors.
$35 + 8% NYS Sales Tax

Alcohol inked lotus flower &Lotus Heart bag

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